#025 Improving developer experience with Marlus Saraiva

We talk with Marlus Saraiva about three big projects he is a part of. All of which are around improving the developer experience in Elixir! We start with Broadway, a library that makes working with GenStage even easier. We learn about his project Surface that brings a more react-like component model to LiveView. We then talk about his work on ElixirSense and ElixirLS which are used by editors to give code completion and documentation help. He covers where he thinks web development went wrong and what he thinks Elixir can do to improve it. We also cover where things may go with Surface and ElixirLS in the future, and much more!

Please note that this interview with Marlus was recorded before our interview with Chris McCord. When Marlus mentions that they were waiting for a soon-to-come LiveView release, that is the 0.15.0 release. The Surface 0.1.0 is the release he was talking about.

Show Notes online – https://thinkingelixir.com/podcast-episodes/025-improving-developer-experience-with-marlus-saraiva

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