#071 LiveView and the 7-GUI Tasks with German Velasco

We catch up with German Velasco then talk about how he learned of the 7-GUI Tasks online challenge and how he wanted to see how LiveView could approach it. We talk about his ElixirConf presentation and how the idea of modeling state impacted his solutions to these problems. We go over what these common UI patterns are and how LiveView is able to approach them differently. We talk about Chris McCord’s idea of “Live Apps” and how LiveView really is different from what other languages and communities can do. We discuss using LiveView to implement UI patterns that it wasn’t designed for and how that process has gotten better over time and much more!

Show Notes online – https://thinkingelixir.com/podcast-episodes/071-liveview-and-the-7-gui-tasks-with-german-velasco

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