#075 RabbitMQ and Commanded at Simplebet with Dave Lucia

We talk with Dave Lucia about Simplebet’s use of RabbitMQ and Commanded for solving unique real-time problems. We learn how Simplebet uses Elixir when creating real-time sports betting markets. We also learn what CQRS systems are, how the Commanded library supports that in Elixir, and how Commanded pairs well with RabbitMQ. Dave talks about moving away from Kafka to RabbitMQ and how that made sense for their use cases. Also valuable, Dave shares where they have found the “dragons” in their design. A helpful discussion that helps identify when CQRS systems might be a tool to use when solving our own problems. Also, Simplebet is betting on SurfaceUI for front-end design in a big and interesting way as well!

Show Notes online – https://thinkingelixir.com/podcast-episodes/075-rabbitmq-and-commanded-at-simplebet-with-dave-lucia

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