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My name is Mark Ericksen. I help individuals and teams ramp up quickly on Elixir. I host the Thinking Elixir Podcast, I hosted the Elixir Mix Podcast, I run an Elixir Meetup, I consult, advise and mentor.

Elixir is making waves and attracting attention as businesses learn they can build reliable, resilient, and scalable systems built on the solid foundation of Erlang but with modern syntax and modern tooling.

Some of the key principles that give Elixir its benefits are Functional Programming and Immutability. Unless you already have access to a skilled pool of Elixir developers, then you will be hiring existing programmers who are new to Elixir. When coming from OOP languages, making the mental shifts can be challenging and slow.

I help programmers "get it" faster. I help them become productive and ramp up their Elixir skills. I focus on the skills needed to get a programmer quickly contributing to your project.

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