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Mindset Shift

New to functional programming? Learn how to design your code when using immutable data! Learn how to take full advantage of concurrency. The right mental models avoids struggle.

Idiomatic Elixir

Learn the style of Elixir code, the patterns of the community, best practices, and benefit from the lessons learned by others.


Rapidly become productive with Elixir.  Understand the concepts and teach it to others. Build practical skill and experience.

What do you need help with?

Your Personal Elixir Journey

You are self-motivated. You want to learning Elixir. You know Elixir is a Functional Programming language, has immutable data, uses pattern matching and is highly concurrent. You can figure it all out on your own given enough time and work. You also know that a personal guide can get you to your goal faster.

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Building an Elixir Team

You are building your team and need Elixir developers. You can't find the people with the Elixir experience you'd like, so you hire talented people that can learn Elixir. You are completely capable of sitting with them and mentoring them all along the way and make it happen. But you have a team to run, product to ship, and problems to solve. You need help bringing new members up-to-speed quickly.

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Take this chance to get started with Elixir and also try before you buy.

Together we cover pattern matching and a lot more! You can get started right now.

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