Pattern Matching

FREE Pattern Matching Course

Pattern matching is a really powerful language feature. It is built in to almost every corner or Elixir. In order for you to even read Elixir code and follow along, you have to understand Pattern Matching.

Once you “get" pattern matching, it really starts to feel like a super power. Pattern Matching makes new patterns of coding possible. You can start to unlearn some of the patterns you’ve used in other languages because now you can create even clearer and more elegant code than was possible before!

Some of the things we cover:

  • IEx - Elixir's Interactive Shell
  • Basic data types
  • Pattern matching basics
  • Pattern matching with function bodies
  • TDD - Test Driven Development exercises
  • Guard clauses

Additionally, after completing the course you can download most of the course content as a PDF. The PDF is a ready, portable reference you can easily search and refer back to as needed.

Course Outline

Module 1 Pattern Matching Course Introduction
Lesson 1 Free Pattern Matching Course Introduction  - Preview
Lesson 2 Install Elixir  - Preview
Lesson 3 Elixir's Interactive Shell  - Preview
Module 2 Introducing the basic data types
Lesson 1 Basic Types Overview  - Preview
Lesson 2 List  - Preview
Lesson 3 Tuple  - Preview
Lesson 4 Map  - Preview
Lesson 5 Introducing Modules and Functions
Lesson 6 Introducing the Struct
Module 3 Pattern Matching
Lesson 1 Introduction to Pattern Matching
Lesson 2 Matching Complex Data Types
Lesson 3 Practice Matching a Map
Lesson 4 Practice Matching a Tuple
Lesson 5 Matching a List
Lesson 6 Practice Matching a List
Lesson 7 Practice Project
Lesson 8 Pattern Matching a Function Body: Intro
Lesson 9 Pattern Matching a Function Body: Tuples
Lesson 10 Pattern Matching a Function Body: Maps
Lesson 11 Pattern Matching a Function Body: Struct
Lesson 12 Pattern Matching a Function Body: Lists
Lesson 13 Pattern Matching a Function Body: Binaries
Lesson 14 Guard Clauses - Additional Level of Matching
Lesson 15 Pattern Matching Summary
Lesson 16 The Next Step