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Personal Journey

You are self-motivated. You are interested in learning about Elixir and how you can get the benefits that other people and companies are seeing. You already understand Object Oriented Programming. You've heard that Elixir is a Functional Programming language, has immutable data, uses pattern matching and is highly concurrent. You can figure it all out on your own given enough time, study, work and struggle. You also know that a personal guide can help get you to your goal faster. A guide can map out the path and keep you on track to avoid costly detours and stumbling blocks.

Let me tell you a story...

Let me tell you a short story. I understand the journey. I've taken this path before you. I've helped others like you along the path as well. Here's how the story goes...


You Learn of an Exciting new Adventure

You heard about Elixir. It is built on top of the powerful and solid foundation of Erlang. You know it is proven, scalable and battle tested. You know it's not just hype.

Elixir brings a modern syntax, modern tooling, great documentation, and other even more conveniences.

Phoenix is a powerful web framework written in Elixir with built-in features like Channels and LiveView.

You think of all the problems this can solve for you. You must learn more!

You Embark on the Journey

You are excited to start learning Elixir! You heard about the pattern matching, supervisors, resilient systems, concurrency, and it all sounds so wondrous and beautiful! You look forward to learning and mastering these things.

You embark on the journey. This is exciting! This is going to be awesome!

You are an experienced developer. You know Object Oriented Programming. You may have even picked up several languages through your career. You know you can learn another language. It's mostly just syntax after all.

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The Fog of Confusion

Elixir is a Function Programming language. There are no objects...

Data in Elixir is immutable. How do you manage state? How do people actually build systems this way?

You struggle to even read Elixir code because this "pattern matching" thing doesn't make sense yet.

This journey is challenging you more than you expected...

The Need for a Guide

You know you are missing some key concepts. If you just had a map for the journey and a guide that could explain the sticking points and how to navigate the challenges you will encounter. You know you'd both get there faster and with fewer scrapes and bruises.

Person holding map and compass Courses are Your Guide training courses are designed with you in mind. The courses focus on the most important skills, provide practice exercises and more to give you the hands-on experience you need to reach your goal faster. The path is plotted for you. New and challenging concepts are explained in an easy to understand way.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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Make Your Journey a Success!

Experience the benefits of Elixir! Don't get frustrated and lose your way. Don't lose time spinning your wheels.

  • Learn the key concepts that unlock your understanding.
  • Get the hands-on experience you need to cement the ideas.
  • Benefit from the experiences of others who already made the journey.

The journey is worth it. The power you hear about with Elixir systems is real.

Keep the journey fun. Make the journey successful.

Take the Leap!

Get started today for FREE!

The first step is the no-risk Pattern Matching Course. It gets you started on the journey. You learn about the Elixir data types, what a "match" is, how to think about matching, and hands-on experience doing it yourself. All with a clear guide that maps out the way.

This helps you make the first mental shift into Elixir.

There is incredible power in pattern matching. It will become your first Elixir super power. Take the leap and get started today.

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