#034 José Valim reveals Project Nx

José Valim visits and finally publicly reveals what Project Nx is! He and others have been working on it for 3 months and he’s finally ready to unveil it. José will speak more about it at the LambdaDays conference, demonstrating it with code and announcing the release and availability of the OpenSource code.

Nx stands for “Numerical Elixir”. The Nx project brings a unique numerical mode to Elixir along with GPU support. This important work lays the foundation for a powerful new era with data science in Elixir! Listen in as Jose discusses the details of how this works, how it came about, the goals of the project, what this means for the community, and what comes next.

Show Notes online – https://thinkingelixir.com/podcast-episodes/034-jose-valim-reveals-project-nx

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