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Code Flow
Lifetime access with no additional fees or subscriptions
14 valuable lessons accessible from anywhere 24/7/365
PDF download includes most of course content great as a handy searchable resource
Download with TDD exercises to practice what you learn
Solutions included if you get stuck
Learn how pattern matching changes the way you code
Learn about working with immutable data
Learn about recursion, how it works in FP and how pattern matching controls it

Focus on how to think about things

Code Flow covers how Pattern Matching, Immutability and Functional Programming change the foundations of programming:

  • Branching logic
  • Looping
  • Error handling

As an experienced programmer, you may think "I already understand control flow." In Elixir, how we do these basic things change more than you expect.

Learning how program flow changes is huge!

How else can you learn this?

Multi-day workshop

The hands-on practice in this course is closer to a multi-day training workshop where you'd easily spend over $1,000.

The workshop would likely speed by these concepts in a hurry to get to Phoenix, the web, and databases.

Buy a book

Books are great but they aren't easy to code from. You end up re-typing blocks of code just to try things out.

Books also try to teach a larger topic and don't focus as much on mastering these important fundamentals.


$40 - $50

I focus on changing how you think

When you change how you think about things, there's a lot less to remember or memorize. It starts to just feel natural.

The Code Flow course:

  • teaches what the new techniques are
  • teaches how each technique works
  • teaches when to use them
  • teaches why you might choose one approach over another
  • gives you hands-on experience using them yourself

You come out with greater confidence and will be contributing meaningful code to your team and project much more quickly. You may even find some new favorite ways to do things!

After completing the course you can download most of the course content as a PDF. The PDF is a ready, portable reference you can easily search and refer back to as needed.


Who teaches this?

Hello! I'm Mark Ericksen and I've been a developer for over two decades with a strong OOP background. I've been leading Elixir meetups for years, podcasting about Elixir for over 2 years, teaching, mentoring, and helping companies build their Elixir teams and systems. Now I'm here to help you avoid the frustration from changing to a Functional Programming language and get you up to speed quickly on Elixir.

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The Code Flow course with lifetime access is only:


When you enroll in Code Flow, you are also enrolled in the Pattern Matching course in case you need an introduction or refresher.

Course Outline

Module 1 Controlling the Flow of your Code
Lesson 1 Code Flow Introduction  - Preview  
Lesson 2 Pipe Operator  - Preview  
Lesson 3 Practice Project Download  
Lesson 4 Case Statement  
Lesson 5 Keyword List  
Lesson 6 The Railway Pattern  
Lesson 7 The "with" Statement  
Lesson 8 Looping with Recursion  
Lesson 9 Tail Recursion  
Lesson 10 Enum Looping Shortcuts  
Lesson 11 Enum Part 2  
Lesson 12 "for" comprehensions  
Lesson 13 Enum vs Stream  
Lesson 14 Handling Errors  
Lesson 15 If and Cond statements  
Lesson 16 Code Flow Summary