Code Flow

Code Flow Course

Did you know that pattern matching changes the way we control the flow of our application code? This course covers how Pattern Matching, Immutability and Functional Programming impact the foundations of programming:

  • Branching logic
  • Looping
  • Error handling

There are new control flow patterns to learn, new language features available, and new ways to do familiar things.

Being an experienced programmer, you may think "I already understand control flow." In Elixir, how we do these basic things changes more than you might expect.

This course:

  • teaches what the new techniques are
  • teaches how to use each technique
  • teaches when to use them
  • teaches why you might choose one approach over another
  • gives you hands-on experience using them yourself

You come out with greater confidence and the knowledge that "you can do this". You will be contributing meaningful code to your team and project much more quickly. You may even find some new favorite ways to do things and that is exciting!

Additionally, after completing the course you can download most of the course content as a PDF. The PDF is a ready, portable reference you can easily search and refer back to as needed.

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Course Outline

Module 1 Controlling the Flow of your Code
Lesson 1 Code Flow Introduction  - Preview
Lesson 2 Pipe Operator  - Preview
Lesson 3 Practice Project Download
Lesson 4 Case Statement
Lesson 5 Keyword List
Lesson 6 The Railway Pattern
Lesson 7 The "with" Statement
Lesson 8 Looping with Recursion
Lesson 9 Tail Recursion
Lesson 10 Enum Looping Shortcuts
Lesson 11 Enum Part 2
Lesson 12 "for" comprehensions
Lesson 13 Enum vs Stream
Lesson 14 Handling Errors
Lesson 15 If and Cond statements
Lesson 16 Code Flow Summary