News for 2020-10-27

News from episode #19.

Elixir v1.11.1 Released with fixes

If you’ve already moved up to Elixir 1.11.0, make sure to get the latest bug fix updates. 

phoenix_live_dashboard v0.3.0 released

Jose Valim shared a Twitter thread discussing the enhancements which includes screenshots to illustrate new features.

Improvements include: 

  • Adding Ecto Stats that shows relevant stats from your database, such as vacuum stats, index usage, long queries, etc
  • If you enable the :allow_destructive_actions option, you can now simulate failures by killing processes using the Dashboard.
  • Official support for “custom pages”, thanks to the newly added PageBuilder. Most of the Dashboard’s pages were ported to use this new approach. This means it is much easier to create a custom Dashboard page that is specific to your systems and applications.

Project updates

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