News for 2020-11-10

News items from episode #21.

Gleam 0.12 has been released, including Gleam OTP 0.1.2

New OS based on Elixir and Erlang

The Kry10 Secure Platform (KSP) is an Operating System on a microkernel called seL4®. It is built with Erlang, and Elixir technologies. adds downloads charts

As a hacktober project, Todd Resudek added a feature to the community package repository, If you go to a project there now, you can see it. He implemented a graph showing the download counts over time. It looks great. Check it out!

New Elixir Case Study featuring

New case study listed on website featuring

Erlang blog post on the Erlang interpreter

We talked with John Högberg in episode #17 about the JIT compiler and the future release of OTP 24. In this post he goes deeper on the Erlang interpreter.

Elixir 1.11.2 released

The minor fixes here fix some issues regarding Nerves 1.7. 

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