News for 2020-11-03

News items from episode #20.

SpawnFest winners were announced

Bakeware was the overall winner
Bakeware extends Mix releases with the ability to turn Elixir projects into single binaries that can be copied and directly run. No need to install Erlang or untar files. The binaries look and feel like the artifacts from other languages like Go.

A number of project winners in different categories are all cool and worthy of checking out.

New ExAWS Maintainer

First and foremost I’d like to thank Ben for all his hard work on the project to this point. I know a lot of people (myself included) rely on it and hopefully I’ll be able to keep it in a state where we all continue to be able to do so.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for things I’d like to do with the library in the future, in particular around how to improve testability, but initially my focus is going to be working through the backlog of PRs and issues.

The Little Ecto Cookbook updated with Ecto 3.5

The Little Ecto Cookbook, a free PDF resource on Ecto, has been updated to include new information about Ecto 3.5. It also includes a new chapter on multi-tenancy with foreign keys.

New book “Genetic Algorithms in Elixir”

The publisher Pragmatica Programmers released a new book titled “Genetic Algorithms in Elixir”

Credo v1.5.0-rc5 is expected to be the final RC release.

Look for a new official release coming soon.