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Welcome to the Thinking Elixir Podcast! The show has weekly episodes where we talk about the Elixir programming language and community around it.

Whether you are already experienced with Elixir or just exploring the language, this show is created with you in mind. We discuss community news, Functional Programming, transitioning from OOP, coding conventions, and more.

Guests visit the show to help challenge our assumptions, learn about new developments and grow in the process.

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Recent Episodes

#005 Learning Elixir with Ricardo Trindade

July 21, 2020

We talk with Ricardo Trindade about learning Elixir and GraphQL. We discuss learning on personal interest projects, GraphQL vs REST, executing Ruby or Python from Elixir, helpful learning resources and much more!

Show Notes online – https://thinkingelixir.com/podcast-episodes/005-learning-elixir-with-ricardo-trindade/

#004 ElixirConf 2020 with Jim Freeze

July 14, 2020

ElixirConf US 2020 was announced! This will be our first virtual one. We talk with the organizer Dr. Jim Freeze to get the behind the scenes information on how it will work. We cover the…

#003 Elixir 1.11 Preview with Wojtek Mach

July 7, 2020

Elixir 1.11 is shaping up to be a huge release with a number of “big deal” features. We are joined by Wojtek Mach to help us understand the significance of some of the new features.…

#002 REST vs GraphQL with Ben Wilson

June 30, 2020

REST Controllers vs GraphQL. You’ve probably heard of GraphQL but maybe you haven’t played with it yet. We talk with Ben Wilson, co-creator of Absinthe, a GraphQL library for Elixir and the book Craft GraphQL…

#001 News and Meet the Hosts

June 17, 2020

Welcome to the Thinking Elixir Podcast! My name is Mark Ericksen. This is our first official episode together. We cover the community news and introduce ourselves. Subscribe in your favorite podcast player and join us!…

#000 Coming Soon

May 26, 2020

Welcome to the Thinking Elixir Podcast! My name is Mark Ericksen. This is just to announce the launching of the new show. The Thinking Elixir podcast is a weekly show where we talk about the Elixir programming language and the community around it.